Driven by our strong farm values, Pelan Companies was started by Russ Anderson and Mark Melby, who have a combined trading experience of more than 50 years.

As of July 1, 2012, Karl Wildner joined Pelan Companies and brings vast knowledge into the pet food and livestock markets with an added 25 years of trading experience.

We are a feed ingredient merchandising company that serves the livestock and pet food industries. We are located in the heart of the Red River Valley with a very diverse growing area that allows us to offer a vast range of by-products in our region and worldwide.

We function on these core principles…

  • • Integrity – represent the products as they are
  • • Service – fast and dependable – we do what we say; hands-on approach
  • • Creativity and Innovation – we have built a solid reputation on solving needs only others dream about; strategic aligning

About Russ…

Russ was born and raised in Greenbush, Minnesota, on the farm that he now owns.

  • Wife – Mary, who teaches chemistry and physics in Greenbush
  • Children – Hannah and Thor
  • Hobbies – Grilling, Golfing, Outdoors

About Mark…

Mark was born and raised in Greenbush, Minnesota, on the farm that he now owns. He currently operates a large grain farm and produces barley, canola, wheat, and soybeans. Mark is the energy behind our strong customer service. Because of his vast experience in the trucking industry, he has the driven attitude to get things done.

Hobbies – Traveling, Motorcycling and Outdoors

About Karl…

Karl owns the farm that he was born and raised on in Unionville, MI. That Centennial Farm has been in Karl's family for over 150 years. He farmed for 25 years and has been actively involved in the agriculture industry his entire life.

Karl graduated from Michigan State University. He loves traveling to different places with his wife, bicycling, hiking and spending time with all his family. Karl has four children and five grandchildren.


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  • Company Information

  • Pelan Companies, LLC
  • 12739 State Hwy 11
  • Greenbush, MN 56726
  • Phone: (218) 782-3000
  • Fax: (218) 782-2826
  • Russ Anderson

  • 12739 State Hwy 11
  • Greenbush, MN 56726
  • Cell: (218) 689-9732
  • Email: russ@pelanco.com
  • Mark Melby

  • 12739 State Hwy 11
  • Greenbush, MN 56726
  • Cell: (218) 689-7877
  • Email: mark@pelanco.com
  • Karl Wildner

  • 936 Larabee Street
  • Port Washington, WI 53074
  • Office: (262) 261-0806
  • Cell: (989) 600-8444
  • Email: karl@pelanco.com